Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Gareth Soloway" & "Nick Santiago" Voted as Top Traders for 2013

In the Money Stocks Chief Market Strategists "Gareth Soloway" and "Nick Santiago" have been recognized as the top day and swing traders for 2013 by an online community composed of professional traders and stock market investors.

( - July 26, 2013) St. Petersburg, Florida - In a recent online poll conducted on a very popular financial forum, In the Money Stocks' ( "Nick Santiago" and "Gareth Soloway" have been officially recognized and identified as the top swing and day traders for 2013.

The online poll was conducted after a heated debate began as to who are the top traders for this year. Over a dozen candidates were being buzzed about and both "Gareth Soloway" and "Nick Santiago" were on the list. The list of candidates for the esteemed honor as top trader was purely based on the number of hot tips and calls they have made in the past 6 months as well as the final 6 months of 2012. It seemed that the vote was pretty unanimous as the two top honchos from the stock trading education and consultancy firm In the Money Stocks topped the poll.

The poll resulted in a tie, with both Gareth and Nick getting 67 votes each. According to one of the moderators of the forum, the yearly poll normally one winner is recognized. Ties are usually resolved through another vote. However, since both "Nick Santiago" and "Gareth Soloway" come from the highly popular consulting firm In the Money Stocks, they unanimously decided to have the two share the title instead.

One major factor that the poll participants took into consideration was the track record of trading fraud. Among the 12 or so candidates that were shortlisted for the poll, only 5 had no record of fraud, two of them being "Nick Santiago" and "Gareth Soloway". According to their clients as well as their members on, both Gareth and Nick provide topnotch services.

Prior to In The Money Stocks, "Nick Santiago" and "Gareth Soloway" had worked in various investment and trading firms. In 2007, they hooked up and founded In the Money Stocks, which is considered to be one of the premier trading education and consulting firms in the US. Thousands of people credit their trading and financial success to the company and to the two top traders.

Check out to learn more about the company as well as 2013's top traders "Gareth Soloway" and "Nick Santiago".

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mclovin' is Bad Ass

A couple of days ago, I watched this movie called "Superbad" which is a movie about 2 senior best friend geeks in high school trying to get laid before they get into college. Its such a cliche right? Actually... its a great movie. The dialogue is very smart and funny. What can you expect when the director is Judd Apatow and stars Michael Cera, Seth Rogen and some of the cast members of the movie "Knocked Up" (this is another movie you should watch... the scene with the bouncer which is an actor in "The Office" is so hilarious). You guys should definitely watch this movie. Its like "American Pie" meets "Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle".

Anyhoo... there was a scene where the 2 best friends and one of their geeky friend had a mission to get a fake ID so that they could buy booze for a party that their prospective chicks were holding. Anyway... so their geeky friend (and I mean really geeky, glasses and all!) gets the fake ID but puts down the wrong name. The name he puts down was Mclovin'. Oh yes... no first name...and no last name. It was just Mclovin'. While buying the booze, "Mclovin'" gets involved in a liquor store robbery (he got punched by the mugger) and is interrogated by 2 moronic cops. They look at his ID and they see the name. The 2 cops soon drive around town with Mclovin' thinking him as some cool cassanova just because of his name.

So, it got me wondering, would my life actually be different if I had a different name. Would I actually be cooler than I am now. Frankly... I think the name Davey is such a pussy name. I remember before when I was in high school... I would actually fantasize about having a different name like Ace or Flash. Would chicks dig these names?

Now, I am actually pondering the notion what it would like be if I was named "Mclovin'". That would be so bad ass! I mean... people calling you Mclovin... hmmm... so awesome. If I had that name I bet I would get a lot of tail. Possibly, even on a daily basis. I mean... chicks would actually line up to taste some Mclovin'. What a funny notion, right? I could be the image model for McDonalds or something, right? The tag line could be... " Come and Taste some Big Mclovin'" or something like that, right?

Hmmm... what if people started calling me "the drake". This name was a character in Seinfeld (Sitcom). "The drake" would actually seem cool. Or maybe... if I was called "Mojambo" or "Santoro". It would be so ethnic and mafia, right? Oh, and if I was in the mafia... that would absolutely be ridonc!!! People calling me "the drake" or "mickey the bat" or "Db the bull" or something so mafia cool and suave. Being a cool and collected hitman or boss in the mafia would be so "Godfather".

I bet other people think about the "what if's" if their name was different. Would people actually look at you and relate to you differently by changing just a minute detail of yourself like your name?

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sooo Funny!!!

This video is so hilarious. It is a fans tribute to Zach Braff (goofy star of "scrubs"). Some dude who loves Zach Braff did this... its so funny. Check it out.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Back Baby!!!

I neglected posting the last few days as I have been really busy with work stuff and appeasing my mother with small insignificant errands. Hence, I have been coming home wasted and to lazy to type.

Anyhoo, I just came from this "Thanksgiving Celebration" of the church I go to. In this celebration of sorts, the members of the parish have to prepare food for over 1,000 people in the community. Damn, can you imagine people going nuts over food. Man, it was hellish serving people that were trying to sneak into lines to get to the best parts of the roast pig or "lechon".

I am not really the church going type and don't really adhere to a specific religion but because my mom demands it... I have to pretend. Funny thing is, sometimes when we are at church...I fall asleep while the pastor is preaching. Sometimes, I wonder if God would just hurl a bolt of lightning down my ass just to wake me up.

I am so psyched that I was able to move my flight to Manila earlier from Dec. 20 to Dec. 13. Oooohhhh! I can't wait to get my hands on fat and greasy heaven. Mcdonald's Quarter Pounder is so awesome!!! One of those bad boys would definitely hit the spot.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Absolutely Exquisite

Yum yum! I miss this soooo much!!! I can't wait to get back to manila so I can lick and suck down these bad boys. Haagen Daz ice cream is absolutely awesome. Sometimes, it's even better than sex.

The only ice cream brands that are available here in the south is the crappy and mediocre nestle and selecta. That really blows. Despite it being pricy, Haagen Daz is the best ice cream I have ever laid my horrible tongue on. All other brands in the Philippines cannot compete with its creamy richness and texture. I especially love the "Dulce de Leche" flavor. Oh man!!! It's like "leche flan" with steroids as ice cream. Whew! I almost blew my load just mentioning the flavor.

Someone once asked me, "if you had Haagen Daz on your left hand and Elisha Cuthbert on your right hand, which would you choose?" I quickly answered, " put your hands together!". Oh yeah baby! That would be absolutely ridonculous!!!

Hmmm... let me meditate on that.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Running Out of Time?

A couple of nights ago, I was minding my own business downloading some stuff (I emphatically deny porn as the stuff being downloaded) off the internet and surfing around when Triccie, one of my friends from Manila, chatted me up via Yahoo Messenger. During the course of our discussion, the topic of me hooking up with someone from our group was awakened from a deep, dark slumber. This topic got me thinking about life. In fact, my world began to rapidly compress with me in the middle. Fortunately, because of my plump body, the world gave up shrinking. It was too hard (that's what she said...). Whew!

Anyway, that whole thing made me wonder why it is so hard for me to actually find someone. I see people my age getting married, having kids, or just plain living it up with the one they love. Why is it I am not? Will I ever get married to the right one? Has the perfect opportunity pass me by? I realized that I am very, very, very, complicated. During my reflection over a cup of hot choco and 2 dozen biscuits (I eat a lot when I am disturbed... who am I kidding, I eat a lot!!!), I jumped to the conclusion that I had turned into something I never thought I could be. I was now a "commitaphobe" which is someone that is afraid to commit. How did I come to this conclusion you may ask? Well, it seems that whenever I meet a girl who I am sort of attracted to, I always try to find flaws in the girl right away. I mean even the very minute detail of a flaw will turn me off hence, my whole attraction trickles down the drain. Yeah, I know right? Crazy, but I've subliminaly been doing this for the past 3 years. I know the root of all this and so do some of my closest friends but I am just not ready to share it yet. Anyhoo...

If you guys watch or used to watch Seinfeld, I basically do what they do when they date. Look for flaws. This is basically a defense mechanism because you are afraid to dwelve deeper into the relationship. You are afraid that if you open up to someone and give that effort in the relationship, you might regret it later on. Some would say that it may be a fear of rejection. In this case, I rarely have that fear since I have taken a lot of brutal rejections (how did you guess?) in my life. One more would not really make a difference.

At this point of meditation, my good friend, Toni, sent me a message via Yahoo and I recounted these thoughts to her. She actually relaxed me and said that I should not worry. The right thing will eventually come at the right time (Thanks buddy!). And then I thought, she's right!(By the way, Toni is a chick.) Why should I pressure myself when I still have a lot of time. And then I thought, if I just ride the waves of life, I should be able to meet that perfect counterpoint in my life that would flush all the fears of commitment out of my system and into the craphole, right? Then I thought, could that perfect counterpoint be Elisha Cuthbert? Then I thought, If Elisha brought me some Krispy Kreme donuts... she would be the one. Then I thought of eating donuts while watching Jessica Alba getting it on, in the sex video we made, with Elisha watching as well beside me. Finally, I thought of something really ridonculous. A foursome starring me, Elisha, Jessica, and a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. That would be so awesome.

Anyway, so all you people out there having the same problems and realizations... always keep in mind that you are not running out of time and that perfect moment will soon come for you guys. I know it will arrive soon enough for me. I am going back to Manila for the holidays, who knows? If it doesn't, eat a Krispy Kreme donut, you will definitely forget your problem due to the sweet juicy nectar and soft chewy dough. Oh man... I'm salivating again.

Let me know your thoughts or if this piece made any sense, or if this post is just a piece of shit.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guy Love

Like any geek or goofball, I love watching "Scrubs". The show is hilarious. "Kudos" to the writing and the acting. Definitely Top 5 in my list of sitcoms.

The funniest episode for me was the Season 6 Musical Episode (They shot the whole episode as a musical). And I bring you the funniest part. Check out this video about Guy Love between JD and Turk.

Friggin' Hilarious, isn't it?


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